Money: by Leila Kavtarashvili

Some people might say, that they don’t want to be extremely rich. Extra is extra, if you are extremely rich you lose humanity and other wise words, but no one, never claims me, that if they had much money they’d deny it. In their thoughts, most of them think about being rich. How would they arrange their life in this case?

As everyone, I wouldn’t deny being rich, because money plays a really big role in our life. The world is run by money. If I had money I’d do lots of things of course. I can’t just count it. As everyone, I’d make comfortable facilities for myself and for those people who I love. I’d really do my best for poor people and become a philanthropist.

Of course, having money is really good, but it’s nothing without a wise owner. Who won’t spend money in an appropriate way, doesn’t deserve having it.

images-1In another case, if we discuss disadvantages, we must say that with the effects of money, people lose their personality, every sense of humanity and become other living things not humans. Of course it doesn’t concern everyone. People are different and their acts also differ from each other.

To conclude, with all its advantages and disadvantages money, fortune appeals to all of us. Fortune is blind so it blinds everyone who grasps it.