How the things are changing: by Farida Dadaeva.

Hitchhiking-RobotMany people wonder what life will be like in 20 years time. No one knows for sure, but there are forecasts about world demographics, weather conditions, technology development, and space flights. In my opinion, it is going to be the era of various machines, the so called robots. They will be everywhere, It will include self operated vehicles, home based robots, automatic workers. At the moment many countries spend millions to explore other planets and to make sure they contain appropriate living conditions. So perhaps, in 20 years time people will visit other planets in spaceships. It will become a popular type of tourism. Moreover, people will be able to purchase land and build houses on some planets. Today it might sound absurd but who knows how the things will change in the future. Speaking about different modes of transport, I am sure we will have lots self-operative vehicles that can move around without a pilot or a driver. As a result many people will stay unemployed. The same can happen to office workers. It is becoming more and more popular to replace humans with robots. Robots are the machines, which are programmed to do certain jobs so the employers would prefer to purchase one robot, instead of hiring several people. On the top of that, I think that the surrounding nature will suffer greatly from technological progress. For that reason, people would prefer to stay day and night in their mighty skyscrapers, instead of taking long walks in the parks. All these forecasts are approximate, so it is better to wait and see.