My Favorite Season: by Mariam Margoshvili

gazafxuli 3I love spring. I love when trees blossom, the bird begin to sing, when the pouring rains wet my hair. Then I feel the spring dewy scent and time walking the streets and the little paths. Then the sun shines and the sun dries the wet ground.

I love spring, colorful luxurious fields of beautiful flowers. I love the spring and spend the night thinking. I love spring lilacs beautiful with sweet fragrance. I love when I bestowed a lilac to my mother. I love a spring morning because spring morning is different. When the sun rises slowly out of silence. A couple of cars pass out of the silence on local road. How beautiful the is sky in the spring. When the sun is shining bright and heats every ones heart. I love the smell of the grass.

gazafxuli 2I love the trees that bud with the weather improvement. I love the greening of cherries, the gentle breeze that moves the leaves. When relatives would go in the garden and warm their hearts .Then walking and being happy with each other. Then a child gives his mother flowers. Mother reverentially inclines eyes, glances to flowers and breathes the delicate floral scent.

Spring is beautiful.