Fire in KRDF Centre, Pankisi: by Rumina Alkhanashvili

15895252_1543892955639912_3297906786022442941_nOn January 3, at night Kakheti Regional Development Foundation (KRDF) building in Duisi was burning.

Fortunately, the guard noticed the fire on time and raised the alarm. He called the fire brigade too. The locals managed to put out the fire in time before it reached inside the building. The entrance door is burnt.

Pankisi people are furious. The KRDF is one of the educational centres doing great work in improving education in the gorge. During years serious educational courses are working in the centre giving the youth opportunities to improve their educational skills. The youth are engaged in various activities, get legal consultations or trainings on issues they are interested in.

On January 4, the locals, the representatives of Pankisi Authority, Council of Elders, Women Council and youth in Pankisi gathered in front of KRDF to discuss the ways against this violence and crime. They all demand that the criminals must be punished.