My family: Makka Gaurgashvili

Let me introduce myself. I was born in Georgia. I have been living there since my childhood. Now I’m going to tell you about my family. We are friendly and getting on all right.

Our family is large. We are a family of six. My mother, father two sisters and two brothers. My mother is a housewife. My father is a man with strong character and all of us love him very much. My sister is a student. She is younger than me.

We are a very good and friendly family. In the evening, when all the members of our family get together after work and study, we watch television, read books, talk about different things and discuss all our problems together. When the weather is good we sometimes go to Grozny in Russia.

We have a small house with garden there. There is a much work and on weekends we go there to work, and to have a rest all together. I must say that all of us are alike in tastes, manners and characters. But as a matter of fact, we get along well with each other. We usually show our interests in what others think and do. We share each other’s joy and sorrow. Everybody is grateful to our parents because they take care of us they are kind and generous. I think that it is very important that family members spent more time together. It makes the life easier.