The greatest wealth is education: by Makka Khangoshvili and Mariam Margoshvili

The greatest wealth is education. Without education you won’t reach anything. You have to learn to reach this peak, which you dream of all your life. Education needs everything. Success comes with learning and work. Therefore, we work harder and learn to reach our dream. In this life you won’t reach anything without education. You will never lose it. It will be with you for your whole life. Education needs everyone.

Education is the greatest wealth in this life. But what is the greatest valuable thing for other students? We made a survey in Duisi Public School and the result was this. 60% of the students think that the family and relationships are the greatest wealth.

 “Having a big family is my greatest wealth. We are six children in our family. I have four grandparents and uncles, aunts and lots of cousins. That’s my wealth”. says Marina from the 11th grade.

20% of students think that education is the greatest wealth. “With a good education, l am going to make all my dreams come true. Education is very important for this”. Says Leila Margoshvili.

And the remaining 20% think that having money is the wealth. Without money we can’t do anything in this world”. Says Magamed.

But how to earn money? Education is money and money is the key to an easier life. So, an education is the greatest wealth in this life.