Accidents on the road: by Esiat Gaurgashvili

Nowadays, the number of road accidents is increasing, especially in Georgia. People are dying almost every day. I think that it’s because the drivers aren’t careful, as they need to be. For example: A week ago, a mother and a child were walking and at this time a car crashed into them and they both died. I think it’s a very big problem in every country. Another case was when a car hit children waiting at the bus-atop.

Today I asked people about what they think about this issue: A 45 years old woman said that the accidents are happening every day and it’s because the government isn’t strict with drivers. They should make the laws stricter, they have to set fines for breaking driving rules. Many people are victims of road accidents.

A 59-year-old man doesn’t agree that it is only the drivers’ fault. He says that the pedestrians also break rules, because he had seen many people crossing the road without looking around.

So, I think that drivers and also people have to be more careful and obey the driving rules.