Unemployment and poverty: by Eliza Tokhosashvili

Unemployment and poverty are global problems. Unemployment always causes poverty. Lack of money sometimes has a victim, but in this case government is not interested in these problems and people’s troubles, that’s why they choose money and their prosperity than their health.

These two things are very big problems in the world but in this in case I want to speak about my gorge. At first, in the gorge is no work, where people can earn money. In the gorge, there are a lot of poor families who can’t buy elementary things and they live with 30 lari per month social help when they have got 6 or 7 children.

There are families who have got very clever children but they can’t continue studying at university because of not having finances.

As I said at the beginning, lack of money sometimes has a victim. In Pankisi there is one family who have got 5 year old daughter. This girl has serious problems with the hearth. She needs an urgent operation. Doctors said if the surgery is not done soon she will die. The family needs to be helped, the Government has financed their operation money but they need money to travel to Turkey.

So, financial problems make people unhealthy, uneducated and unhappy.

The government has to look after its citizens.