Wolves: by Iman Gaurgashvili

Attacks by wild animals, especially wolves on domestic animals are often. People are worried. The government doesn’t allow people to kill the wolves. Sometimes they come down from the woods and attack the villages.

Seid Tsikhesashvili from Dumastori told us that four days ago wolves killed his cow. It’s very big loss for their family. “At this time a cow means a lot for me and for my family. We want the government to allow us to kill the wolves”, said Seid.

20 years old Islam Margoshvili agrees with him. He said that a day ago a wolf ate the tail of his cow, but fortunately it didn’t die. These cases are quite often in Pankisi. If people kill wolves, they have to pay fine of 500 to 700 lari.

The government has to solve this problem.