It was Worth Going: by Madina Alkhanashvili

We RSF students were in Dzevri during these days. We were invited to the 63rd anniversary of Dzevri’s school. These two days we spent in Imereti are unforgettable for me. What is the most important, I made lots of friends. I’ve not ever seen people like them. They were very friendly attentive and pleasant. I want to add that they also liked us. Today they are our good friends. They took us to look around Dzevri. It was great!

 Dzevri is a historical place, the second Vardzia as they call it. The nature in Dzevri is fascinating. Dzevri is surrounded by the mountains with caves in it. The second day, Dzevri school director took us to Kutaisi. He organized meeting for us with Terjola Municipality staff. We were met in a great hall and the meeting was full of respect and attention towards us. The Governers in Imereti seemed to be attentive and pleasant people. We took a lot of photos.

After this, a meeting with the director of Terjola Resource Center was organized for us by Manuchar Panchulidze.

In Kutaisi City Hall, we were given presents.

These meetings were very interesting. I want to thank Dzevri Public School Director and students for their hospitality and interesting days.