Mate Albutashvili’s Anniversary: by Madina Alkhanashvili

Yesterday, in Tbilisi in the Youth Castle was Mate Albutashvili’s anniversary evening. A lot of people from Pankisi and other parts of Georgia attended this meeting. There were some guests from other countries. Students from Pankisi participated in this evening’s organization. Students conducted a conference about Mate Albutashvili’s life. They spoke about his works and religious life. “My Life” was Mate Albutashvili’s role in religion in Georgia. The most interesting fact about Mate Albutashvili is that he was Kist from Pankisi. He had a big role in the Kists’ life. He opened one of the first schools in Jokolo village in 1899. He started his religious life and became priest in Jokolo church in 1894.  After the celebration we had dinner with all participants and then we had award ceremony.