How Safe Are We Today?: by Eliza Tokhosashvili

Today in Pankisi there are a lot of young people who have big plans, who think about their future life, about their future profession and they are working hard for this. They are studying well and doing everything to achieve their goals. Qist students are always well known everywhere and every time with their success. Qist students take high points in school or national exams every time. But today I have one question: Does this everything have any point? How safe they are in their places, where special forces come at night (at 3 o’clock) and kill innocent young people without any explanation. It’s more than 2 centuries that Qists are living in Pankisi but there weren’t any cases when Qist did something wrong which was harmful for Georgia. Qists always were famous for their hospitability and braveness. They were mentioned by poets and writers in their works. They always were worthy of respect with their traditions, with their boldness.

Today, Pankisi has become a hot spot for everyone. What did we do that we’re in the headlines of magazines and newspapers? Why is it that Qists are mentioned like terrorists? What is our blame that the government kills our young boys. Georgia is our motherland, it’s a place where we are born and grow up, but today our neighbours don’t let us to live here calmly. Qists don’t love Georgia less than Georgians. They don’t care less than they do. Qists were fighting in the Abkhazia War. Qists always were trying to protect their motherland from enemies. We aren’t terrorist Government is just trying to make us terrorists with their behavior.

Today we will be together and get over this but it doesn’t mean that everything will end here. No! We need fairness and safety. We aren’t safe, I’m not sure that tomorrow they won’t come and kill me, or other innocent people. Pankisi isn’t far and Qists are worthy to live in fairness and safely.

Stop killing Qists!

We aren’t terrorists!!!