An amazing day with RSF: by Pati Pkhakalashvili

I’m a teacher of maths and I work in Birkiani Public School. I did not have contact with English since I had finished school and I didn’t study English at university. My English was very poor when I started the RSF English course for adults in Birkiani. Now I can read, write and speak English. Our English is not very good but we are improving every day. This course is a great gift for us.

We’ve just had one more gift from RSF. It was a tour in Tbilisi. We visited the Art Museum, which was very interesting for us. Then we visited Mtatsminda Park. It was wonderful. We had fun.

The next was the cinema. Watching a film on a big screen for some of us was for the first time. It was amazing and we liked the film very much. When we came out of the cinema, we were very satisfied and relaxed. It was because of the good film and because we spent time together.

            We were full of impressions and shared our impressions with each other the next day at the lesson too. 

            We had wonderful day thanks to RSf and the funders. 

It was also a big rest in this tiring life routine. We have learned so much that we can share with others in Pankisi. Thanks again!