Continuing professional development of teachers in Pankisi: by Aishat Margoshvili

Teachers have their own methods of conducting lessons. Each of them has their own way of supplying students with knowledge and making them educated. However, sometimes it is essential to find more efficient ways of making their lessons more effective and improving their studying skills. These skills; listening, reading, speaking and writing are very beneficial for children.

These aims are achieved by fulfilling different projects. One of these is a project called “Continuing professional development of teachers in Pankisi” supported by the British Council, that was held in Pankisi.

This project gave teachers abilities to gain new experience. It enabled them to expand their knowledge.This project assisted them to develop their personal and professional skills.

Furthermore, this project motivated students and they have participated in a competition, “I have a dream” that gave them the opportunity to speak about their dreams and wishes.

In conclusion, I believe that such projects are very useful for both, teachers and students because they allow them to gain important information that will help them to be successful in the future.