Amazing project event: by Mariam Borchashvili




Every teacher has various strategies to be successful in their classroom. Each of them has sources where they find valuable information to guide their teaching, but sometimes they need to learn more effective ways to make their lesson more interesting and addictive for students. Some organizations carry out projects, that give teachers opportunities to do this. One of them is ”Continuing professional development of teachers in Pankisi” by British Council. During this project teachers from Pankisi were able to gain valuable experience of teaching English. This project assisted teachers to improve their methods of teaching and they get more information about creativity, innovation, digital literacy, which are as important and as essential as knowledge. Also, this project was a challenge for students, who took part in an English language competition called ”I have a dream”, which allowed students to share their desires and dreams and this was really big motivation for them.

                        To sum up, I consider this project as a innovation and similar projects are thorough in their ability to develop educational skills, which leads to student’s success and improvement.