The project closing event with the British Council: by Maliqa Mutoshvili

On 6th March the closing event for project ‘’CPD-continuing professional development in Pankisi’’ took place in RSF office. I’d like to let you know that the project started in July 2017 and lasted for 8 months. Four teachers were involved in this project. During the project teachers had different sessions of training such as; methodology session, microteaching, demo-lessons, observations and an on-line course.

Teachers gained the greatest experience and improved their teaching skills. The main aim of the project was how to make the learning process more fun and up-dated by using and improving 21st century skills.

Students were also involved in the project. They presented their essays about education, human rights, their future dreams, children’s rights and more. As a result, four winner students were presented with i-pods and all participant students awarded with certificates from British Council.

Each teacher had different presentation topics; Student’s feedback, Digital literacy, CLT-communicative language teaching. How to motivate students. Teachers were awarded with certificates too.

The people who attended the presentations were the whole RSF staff, representatives from British Council, director of Teacher’s House in Tbilisi and representatives from Ministry of Science and Education.