Hydro power station Khadori 3. by Makka Margoshvili

They are going to build the third water power station in Pankisi, several kilometers away from the village Birkiani.

But those people who are interested in this project; do they care about the nature?

It is clear, that someone wants to do a business, but is it worth destroying the enchanting environment of our valley?

Actually, there already exist two water power stations, however the locals have no tax benefit on power.

Also, people worry about the nature. According to the plan, the river Alazani will be placed in tubes, that can lead us to the serious problems. First of all, it causes deforestation, then it will reduce the amount of the trout entered in the Red Book of Endangered Species, and other kind of fish. Secondly, placing the river in the tubes will affect cattle-herding, the Alazani is essential for supplying domestic animals with water and watering the plots of land.

In addition, tourism is only hope of locals, if the river will disappear into the tubes, Pankisi attract less tourists.