Happy is she who lives unnoticed: by Mariami Kavtarashvili

What is happiness? Happiness is a spiritual and emotional state that evokes a pleasant feeling in a person. Happiness is an opportunity to perceive and appreciate any trifle that God has given us. Happiness is when a person can be happy even though she exists, is alive and perceives the colours of earth. Happiness is in every detail, the main thing is to feel or see it and the most important thing is that it is always with you. We have good eyesight but sometimes we can not see. Life is beautiful, but not everyone thinks so but the main thing is to feel it. Happiness is most when you smile even then you are not smiling at all. Happiness is when no one envies you, you don’t deprive anyone of anything and you try to find the way to success with you. Happiness is when you don’t steal the colours of someone else life and only you are happy what God has given you.

Every day is a prerequisite for happiness. For me, happiness is to open my eyes, to see nature, birds. Happiness is every problem that strengthens me after overcoming. Happiness is to have limbs, movement, smile. I think there is happiness. This is the simplest rule of happiness: Enjoy yourself,don’t depend on the future and don’t worry about the days left in the past. Be simple and feel happiness. Never think that you are not happy. You should try to fulfill all your dreams and goals. Be happy and you will achieve all your goals. Let’s see the colours of the nature as they are and smell and taste flavours of the earth, and we will be happy.