One More Step to Joy: by Anano Kulalagashvili


Once I realized the meaning of my life and got to know myself, I set one of the most important goals, to continue my studies in the USA. I started with becoming fluent in English with the help of RSF and at the same time I am developing my persona. It has been an interesting journey. Two years ago I heard about the Flex exchange program and the more information I learned about it, the more I realized it was perfect for me. For sure, in the first year I decided to participate. Unfortunately I was not well prepared and nothing came out. The failure did not stop me, as I had totally realized, that it would not have been easy to make that dream come true. A year later, in September last year, I tried again. Lucky for me I succeeded in all rounds and came to the semi-finals. I worked very hard, I used all my energy to make all the assignments close to perfection. I tried my best to express and show my inner self and after that, I have been trusting the process.

All of this experience helped me to get to know my strengths and weaknesses. Even if I was getting too emotional and tired sometimes, I knew it was worth trying.

For now, I have completed all kinds of things that the program requires and I am waiting for the final response this month. Can you imagine what happens in my heart while waiting? It is too hard to express with words.

I am full of hope. If I am lucky enough, if I become one of the winners and go to the USA for a year, I will explode with happiness, I will be forever grateful and will use the future experience and knowledge to change many things for the better, first in my gorge and then wherever people need my support. If not, I will keep going and do my best to accomplish the goal I have set for so long.

Life is wonderful and we are free to have our own dreams to live for. Things can get tough sometimes, but remember: ‘there comes a rainbow after every storm’.